Performance psychology is something that is close to my heart. I love helping people to feel good and to find joy in their challenges to seek the limit for what is possible for them. To challenge yourself and at the same time have a balance in life and the feeling that you are the one who controls. This applies to all areas such as sports, culture and business.

To find balance and joy in life

I do believe it is an advantage to work from a broad perspective.  I have a bachelor’s degree in economics and have worked as an economist for 15 years. Then I felt it was time to change career and started to study sports psychology at Halmstad University – it gave me the opportunity to study and work with something that I love and gives me energy – to support people to develop and to reach their goals, and to have health and joy.

My focus area in sport psychology is performance psychology and talent development, integration and gender equality. Another area is body image and self-esteem and in my master thesis, I studied female elite athletes body perception, ideal body and self-esteem.

Business and organizational sociology are my latest studies and that was a nice combination of my previous studies in business, economics and psychology. This gave me knowledge about how good business organisation and leadership can improve effectiveness and health within the company and for the employees. It is valuable knowledge within career and leadership.

I am a certified massage therapist from Axelsons Gymnastic Institute in Sweden. Since June 2018, I am also a TTC 200 yoga teacher from hos Sanapurna i Zürich and Poonam Stetcher Sharma my teacher. The yoga studies gave me deeper knowledge about how body and mind interact – something I feel is an advantage for myself as a person but also as a life- and performance coach. This gives me the opportunity to meet and face people from a wide range of perspectives. 

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