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Sometimes you just want to experience a little bit more of joy, love and meaning in life. Sometimes you need support to be able to fulfill your new year resolution. Sometimes it can be hard to move from one country to another, to one culture to another. Then life coaching can be helpful for you!

To live with a feeling of meaning

During transition through life it can be easy to come out of balance and sometimes under certain circumstances it is difficult or almost impossible to live by your values. If that is the case, it is easy to feel exhausted and without vigor and meaning. Meaning and a feeling of belonging are important parts to experience quality of life. Therefore it is important to take action in the right direction, towards a vision and deeper meaning of life. In order to be able to do that, you need vision of where, what and why.

If you have this vision you will have a feeling of control but you will always have challenges. Some of them are chosen by yourself and you are looking forward even if it gives you some positive stress. Unfortunately some challenges are not chosen by you and gives you negative stress. This is a part of life and important to be able to deal with. Together we can sort things out and approach life from different angles and make changes so that you can live your life the way that you want!

To fulfill your New Year’s Resolution

You are not alone to struggle with your New Year’s Resolution to become reality. It is easy to promise to ourselves to live healthier, to eat better, to exercise more, to stress less – the list can be long. It is easier said than done. As a sport psychologist I can help you get trough with your change of habits, to step by step come closer to fulfill your promise and to be there at the end of the year: proud of yourself and what you have achieved.

To move

to another culture or country can be really hard. Perhaps you don’t speak the language at all or just not fluent enough, and/or there are cultural differences which makes you unsure about how to speak, joke and behave . Perhaps you feel lonely and different in your new situation – then we can make a plan how to find your way to handle and develop yourself as a person in your current situation. Sometimes it is important to talk about the situation with a person that is outside of your private life, just to be able to say exactly how you feel without being afraid to hurt or affect someone that is close to you.

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