Performance in business

Are you highly motivated for hard work to get to your goals?

To be ambitious is positive but also a risk of too much work and too long days with too little recovery. Having a life-work balance is indeed essential for a successful and lasting career. Performance psychology can help you maintain that balance. We will talk about:

  • grounded values
  • goalsetting
  • healthy self-talk
  • to give and take feedback
  • leadership
  • rest and recovery



To test your limits is fun!
Do you want to support your staff to reach their full capacity?
To build an environment where you and your staff can enjoy your working day and career?
Performance psychology can help to build that!

Business women

Take lead of your life

ONLINE COURSE – coming soon. By taking self-leadership over your life, the probability that you will be able to live the way YOU want to live increases. You can consciously make choices that lead you
down the right path. A road where you can
enjoy the journey towards your set goals.

Putting it all together

Putting the pieces and the team together can be challenging. Taking advantage of each other’s skills and supporting and improving each other is essential. Working for a value-based goal in the company makes it easier to analyse the working process. You can create quality and sustainability for yourself, the company and the employees.


A new country and culture

Moving from one country to another can be tricky – everything from adapting to a new language and culture to practical things like moving. Also, to understand how the system works and the right and wrongs in society. So getting extra support in the adaptation process can be very worthwhile.

Therese Bohlen Kinn

“Every time I finish a counseling with Margareta
I feel like a new, insightful person.
She gives me balance, perspective and tools to cope and reach
my daily and long-term goals and challenges.”
Quote – Therése Bohlén-Kinn

Göteborg - Zürich - Online

PSIM has operations in Gothenburg and Zurich where it is possible to meet me in physical meetings. As I have lived in both locations since 2013, I have also worked online for a long time.
New online is that I also offer courses in performance psychology, mindfulness, yoga and meditation. The courses can also be booked as packages with coaching sessions.
You are most welcome to book the arrangement that suits you best!

Margareta Hultman

SPORTS PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELOR since 2004, educated at Halmstad University, as well as a bachelor’s degree in economics at the University of Gothenburg. I worked as an economist until I changed careers in 2004. My own sports background is in orienteering at the elite level and I have been in close contact with sports such as athletics, equestrian sports and football over the years.
I love helping people develop, perform and feel good on the way to their goals.

PSIM: Coaching with Margareta

Individual coaching on-site in Gothenburg, Zurich or online.
We make a plan adapted to the specific situation you have.

PSIM studio: Courses online

You can buy courses with multiple video walkthroughs, worksheets, performance psychology, mindfulness and yoga classes, and packages with coaching included.