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My yoga is Hatha yoga which is the basic form of yoga, calm and steady. It gives me strength, flexibility and presence in a perfect combination. And it is the yoga that I teach you. My approach to yoga is symbolized by this really nice quote:

”We don’t use the body to get into a pose—we use the pose to get into the body”
-quote, unknown

Hatha is a combination of two Sanskrit words, Ham and Tham. Ham represents the physical force and Tham represents the mental power. Hatha is the balance of these two forces and when they are in balance – Prana, the vital life energy can flow and enable the body to move and the mind to think in harmony. To become aware of your Pranic energy you can learn to direct the energy to a more healing quality and to develop and expand inner awareness and higher levels of focus and consciousness. So yoga is not about perfection or striving it is about intention and flow.

In the PSIM Studio webshop, you can buy yoga classes online.

It is Hatha Yoga with pranayama (breathing exercises), yoga asanas (poses) and yoga Nidra (relaxation, meditation), with a focus on mobility, strength, fascia stretch and breathing to benefit your mental and physical recovery.

Private single

You can book private lessons online or and we will work together in alignment with your pace and wishes.

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I work in Scandinavian languages and English.

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