Performance in sports!

Sports psychology for coaches and elite athletes is an excellent opportunity to reach goals and enjoy sports.

Awareness of your thoughts and how they affect your feelings, behaviour and performance is the stepping stone for enjoyable top-level performance. We work on how to:


  • set the right goals for you
  • be focused and mindful
  • maintain a healthy self-talk
  • to give and take feedback
  • enhance your self-confidence
  • improve your motivation
Foto: Hans Sjögren

To test your limits is fun!
It requires hard work and a good balance between the challenge and your skills.
Exercise and recovery are needed for a sustainable, successful and long lasting career.
Sports psychology can help you keep that balance!

Positive competition process

ONLINE COURSE that goes through how you can work to have a positive competition process. Where you set goals that make it easier to succeed. How you can facilitate reaching FLOW when you compete. How can you influence your mental and physical tension, and what feedback do you need to create and maintain a favourable competition period?

Top performance when it matters

To perform on top is something that every elite athlete wants to do. But it can be easier said than done. Doing sports is supposed to be fun, but when the pressure to perform feels too heavy, it goes from being fun to being a burden. Then something must be done to find that joyful place of fun top-level performance.


Rehab periods can be tough

A good understanding and trust in the rehabilitation process will make it more manageable. You will have a better understanding of the process, and this has positive effects on your mental health and also the length of your rehabilitation.

Emma Green

“Margareta has been a wonderful support throughout my career. She has given me the tools to feel joy in my performance.
She has made me confident in being more myself and also trust that my way is the best way for me. “
– quote Emma Green

 Foto: Yannick Tregaro

Göteborg - Zürich - Online

PSIM has operations in Gothenburg and Zurich where it is possible to meet me in physical meetings. As I have lived in both locations since 2013, I have also worked online for a long time.
New online is that I also offer courses in performance psychology, mindfulness, yoga and meditation. The courses can also be booked as packages with coaching sessions.
You are most welcome to book the arrangement that suits you best!

Margareta Hultman

SPORTS PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELOR since 2004, educated at Halmstad University, as well as a bachelor’s degree in economics at the University of Gothenburg. I worked as an economist until I changed careers in 2004. My own sports background is in orienteering at the elite level and I have been in close contact with sports such as athletics, equestrian sports and football over the years.
I love helping people develop, perform and feel good on the way to their goals.

Foto: Marina Nilsson

PSIM: Coaching with Margareta

Individual coaching on-site in Gothenburg, Zurich or online.
We make a plan adapted to the specific situation you have.

PSIM studio: Courses online

You can buy courses with multiple video walkthroughs, worksheets, performance psychology, mindfulness and yoga classes, and packages with coaching included.