Margareta Hultman

Performance development is something that is close to my heart. I love helping people to feel good and to find joy in their challenges to seek the limit for what is possible for them. To challenge yourself and at the same time have a balance in life and the feeling that you are the one who controls. This applies to all areas such as sports, culture and business.

I started my journey of performance within the sports orienteering, cross-country skiing and ski-orienteering – already at young age I felt a claim for achievement, and although I performed well, there was a fear of failure. I competed and had a lot of joy and success until the age of 28 when I stopped due to a cardiac muscle inflammation. It meant an identity crisis for me not be the ”Sporting Girl Margareta”, which I after a while accepted and went on. I did not get back to sport for a period of time but time heals a lot and after a few years, I began longing for to understand more about performance psychology. I started studying sports psychology to learn more about how to help athletes feel good, perform well, and prevent or find the way out of difficult periods. Today, I’m glad that my career took a turn from my work as economist to a profession where I focus on people in development rather than just on the figures.

I have a bachelor’s degree in economics and one in sports psychology. In recent years I have lived my life in two cities, Zurich and Gothenburg. I started in2004 my own company  Psychology Sports Massage with a clinic at Skatås Sports Center in Gothenburg and during my commuting years I have worked with on-site counseling at the clinic in Gothenburg, as well as via Skype / FaceTime from Zurich. In addition, I have studied at the master’s level in psychology with a focus on coaching and talent development, as well as gender equality and integration in sports, writing a master’s thesis on elite women’s body perception, and also studying personality psychology with the main focus on gender equality and leadership issues in business. To interlink my different educations I ended up in sociology where I also been stydying leadership and organizational development.

Now I am ready to work on site also in Zurich with both personal sessions and via Skype/FaceTime. I will  broaden my work  more than before to culture, business and gender issues.

Best regards,