Performance and Sports in Mind


do you want to perform on top  When it matters the most?

Then performance psychology can be something for you. Together we work to enhance your self-confidence, motivation and focus
– so you can achieve the goals of your dreams!

DO YOU WANT TO BE AN inspirational LEADER?

In sports, culture or business – we work with vision, goals, communication and feedback. How to best take care of and develop the skills of your athletes, artists or employees.

Do you want to enjoy AND have BALANCE IN LIFE?

To live in harmony with what is most important and means the most for you is the foundation for balance and joy. If you like to perform, it can be a tough to have balance between challenge and skill between devotion and discipline. We work to find the balance for you.

I am working in Scandinavian languages and English.
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Performance in Sports

Performance psychology for coaches and elite athletes is an excellent opportunity to reach your goals and enjoy your sports. To be aware of your thoughts and how they affect your performance and feeling is the stepping stone for enjoyable top-level performance. Together we analyse and talk about; right goals for you, how to be focused and mindful, how to maintain a healthy self-talk as well as communication and feedback

Performing on top when it matters the most

is something that everyone wants to do. Easier said than done. Doing sports is supposed to be fun but when the pressure to perform feels too heavy it goes from being fun to being a burden. Together we will walk through your situation and figure out what needs to be done to find that joyful place of fun top-level performance.

Career transitions can be a walk in the park

but a career transition could also mean vanishing self-esteem and lowered motivation. Maybe you are transitioning from one team to another, maybe you are moving to a new city, new school, new job, or maybe you are transitioning between different skills levels or age groups. No matter the type of transition, it is always desirable to have a plan in place to ease the process – how to get your self-esteem, motivation and positive internal communication back.

Rehabilitation periods can be tough

but a good understanding and trust in the process will make it more manageable. You will have a better understanding for the process and this has positive effects on your mental health and also the length of your rehabilitation.

Emma Green

is a successful high-jumper with EM and World Cup medals and Olympic finals. She has now completed her career that featured many amazing achievements and successful periods, but also adversities in the form of injury problems and other things that belong to life.

Some words from Emma:

”Margareta has been a wonderful support through my career.
She has given me the tools to feel joy in my performance.
She has made me confident in being more myself, and also to trust
that my way is best way for me. ”
– Quote, Emma Green

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Performance in Culture

Performance psychology for musicians, actors and dancers has a lot of similarities sports.

It is important to perform at a certain time and preferably at the top. In performances and auditions, when you want to perform at the highest level the situation is really similar with  athletic competitions. It can be difficult to focus on yourself. Perhaps you have to deal with disturbing thoughts that steal your focus from task and effects your performance negative.


is a violinist at Göteborg Opera Orchestra. He is also the violinist in the movie Simon and Ekarna and in the computer game Victoria 2. Max and I worked together with focus and goal fulfillment which gave a good result. In the picture, Max (to the right) is with his members in the Wulfson Quartet.

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Performance in Business

Performance in business and organization can be about a manager or leader that wants to develop the company and the staff to reach their full capacity. The challenge for a company is to perform at an even and high level for a long period of time. The balance is important, and  to be sustainable over long time as a company or an entire professional life for the person performance psychology can be an important corner-stone.

Persons who contacts me

for the reason that they wish to feel good and perform well at work. They want to enjoy the way and reach their goals and to be supported in their occupational career. Also managers and leaders contacts me for advice and support to develop in their leadership or ta have extra support during organizational development or working with gender equality .


is a copywriter and together with her creator partner Nina Friman, they has been named ”Sweden’s sharpest young creators 2017”. They have represented Sweden in Young Lions in Cannes and took home bronze medal in the ”Eurobest!” Competition. where Europe’s best young creative duo is chosen.

A few words from Therése:

”Every time I finish a counseling with Margareta
I feel like a new, insightful person.
She gives me balance, perspective and tools to cope and reach
my daily and long term goals and challenges.”
Quote – Therése Bohlén-Kinn

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about working together, please send me an email.

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Margareta Hultman

Performance development is something that is close to my heart. I love helping people to feel good and to fin joy in their challenges to seek the limit for what is possible for them. To challenge yourself and at the same time have a balance in life and the feeling that you are the one who controls. This applies to all areas such as sports, culture and business.

I started my journey of performance within the sports orienteering, cross-country skiing and ski-orienteering – already at young age I felt a claim for achievement, and although I performed well, there was a fear of failure. I competed and had a lot joy and successes up to the age of 28 when I stopped due to a cardiac muscle inflammation. It meant an identity crisis for me to not be the ”Sporting Girl Margareta”, which I after a while accepted and went on. I did not get back to sport for over a period of time but time heals a lot and after a few years, a longing began for to understand more about performance psychology. I started studying sports psychology to learn more about how to help athletes feel good, perform well, and prevent or find the way from heavier periods. Today, I’m glad that my career took a turn from my work as economist to a profession where I focus on people in development rather than just on the figures.

I have a bachelor’s degree in economics and one in sports psychology. In recent years I have lived my life in two cities, Zurich and Gothenburg. I started in 2004 Psychology Sports Massage with a clinic at Skatås Sports Center in Gothenburg and during my commuting years I have worked with on-site counseling on the clinic in Gothenburg, but also via Skype / FaceTime from Zurich. In addition, I have studied at the master’s level in psychology with a focus on coaching and talent development, as well as gender equality and integration in sports, writing a master’s thesis on elite women’s body perception, and also reading personality psychology with much focus on gender equality and leadership issues in business. To interlink my different educations I ended up in sociology where I now have been reading leadership and organizational development.

Now I am ready to work on site also in Zurich with both personal sessions and via Skype/FaceTime. I will  broaden my work  more than before to culture, business and gender issues.

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