Maybe you have , been running a really long distance, jumped really high, done yoga really hard or been working a lot – then massage could help you heal your muscles and get you relaxed and recharged.

Massage gives a reduction of tension in the body’s muscles and by the skin’s touch we also become calmer in mind. When the skin is touched, some hormones are released which give us both calmness and energy while the stress hormones are inhibited. We feel relaxed and comfortable at ease after a treatment. Mustafa “Musse” Mohamed in picture is a wellknow marathon runner from Sweden and I gave him massage until the day I moved to Zürich. Now he still takes massage from PSIM-Göteborg. and he also offer personal trainer for running at PSIM.

Treatment methods and length

I use to meet the different needs of the patients with various treatment methods: Swedish classical massage, Advanced muscle treatment, Strain and Counter strain, Revolving (Deep tissue massage) and Laser treatment.

You have the opportunity to book different lengths of your treatment depending on whether you want partial massage, whole body massage or massage and treatment of a specific problem area. There is also massage treatment in combination with life coaching, performance psychology or yoga.

Recommendation for a combination

For people with burn out syndrome, a good start of the healing process is a combination of massage and life coaching. For athletes, the combination gives muscle and mental recovery and a feeling to become grounded and ready to go even deeper in the sport psychology session. The combination with yoga gives the possibility to losen up and treat sore muscles and restraints in the deep tissue.

The different treatments and prices are available on the booking site.

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